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What Causes Age Spots or Brown Spots?

Brown spots are a common skin condition that is non-life threatening, but the appearance can leave individuals feeling self conscious. As we age, our skin changes with the rest of our body, and you may find that more age spots are popping up where there were none just a few years prior. It’s important to see a doctor if you’re unsure whether or not this new brown spot is harmless or not. If not, then there’s good news: Laser Aesthetic can treat these brown spots.

What causes brown spots?

The sun’s UV rays end up causing your skin to react in order to protect itself from damage. While those with lighter skin tend to fare worse when exposed to UV rays, everyone can end up with brown spots. Brown spots are your body’s natural defense, but only some people will develop these over time as it depends on genetics as well as how diligent you are to protect yourself against the sun when outside. The cause of these spots is an overproduction of melanin that may also be due to aging.

Where do brown spots occur?

Brown spots can occur virtually anywhere on your body — but they will mostly appear in places that are exposed to direct sunlight. These places include:

  • Face
  • Back of the hands
  • Shoulders
  • Upper back
  • Forearms
  • Stomach
  • Legs

How Laser Aesthetic can correct brown spots

At Laser Aesthetic, we use the Cutera Excel V laser which uses two different laser wavelengths in order to correct brown spots. The lasers target discolored skin patches that range anywhere from red and purple to blue and brown. The lasers work efficiently in order to only target the skin discoloration in question while not affecting the surrounding healthy skin. The Excel V laser treats up to 20 different lesions on every skin type — and the treatment time can be done during your lunch break.

If you’re ready to smooth your complexion and reduce or eliminate your brown spots altogether, then contact Laser Aesthetic for all your skin care needs. Book a free consultation today!