We get a lot of questions here at Laser Aesthetic about what waxing is all about. Many of our first-time waxing clients are a bit tentative to take the plunge into the waxing world — mostly due to misinformation they’ve gained from friends and the media. We’re here to discredit those common waxing myths once and for all.

Waxing Myths vs Facts

MYTH: Waxing hurts

FACT: Although we can’t say that it feels amazing to get a wax, we can attest to the fact that, when done properly by a trained professional, waxing should not be painful. It’s all about the technique used, how the technician pre-treats the area, and what creams are used post-treatment. At the very most you may feel slight discomfort while the strip is removed.

MYTH: Waxing prevents ingrown hair

FACT: Unfortunately ingrown hair is nearly impossible to avoid and is more likely to occur in some places on the body more than others. However, our technicians as Laser Aesthetic commend avoiding shaving between waxing sessions; it’s your razor that is causing the majority of the ingrown hairs. Don’t forget to regularly exfoliate and hydrate the area as well.

MYTH: Waxing causes hair to grow back thicker

FACT: Quite the opposite, actually! Regularly waxing changes the hair follicle and causes the hair to grow back thinner and less sparse. Many of our clients have noticed less hair returning after just the first 2-3 waxing sessions on the same area.

MYTH: Waxing causes wrinkles

FACT: Waxing not only removes your hair from the root, but also takes the topmost layer of dead skin cells away with it — which means your skin will look younger and more healthy. As you continue to wax, your skin will look better and better over time as you continue to remove the dead skin cells.

Now that these myths are debunked, it’s time to set up your waxing appointment at Laser Aesthetic in Methuen! Our waxing center specializes in bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing, facial waxing and full body waxing services for both men and women. Schedule an appointment today!

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